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A Bit About Us

Ewe Close Farm is a small lowland hill farm between Cockermouth and Aspatria in Cumbria. At approximately 700 feet above sea level, it overlooks the Solway Firth with (on a fine day) magnificent views over to Scotland. It extends to 87 acres and the land is classified as permanent pasture.

Lynn and Thomas Ballantine Dykes own the farm and moved there in 2003. It had previously been owned by a farming family who bought it from Thomas's father in 1951. The land at Ewe Close, together with two other farms which surround it, have been in the family's ownership since the 15th Century and the family's long association with the area is very well documented.

The three farms at Wardhall are the only ones that remain in the family ownership. Built in the 1780s (along with four others in the area), they are of interest from a design point of view and are known as "Dykes" farms - the layout (the buildings being built around a square yard for protection against the elements) being different from the traditional layout of farm buildings which, in this area at least, is linear.

Ewe Close is home to a large variety of different animals and birds. There are six varieties of sheep and currently one breed of pig on the farm. There is a growing herd of goats which supply the milk for the various dairy products made on site by Lynn in her Wardhall Dairy.

There are two Shetland ponies, three donkeys and a large collection of ducks, geese, chickens and bantams - again, some of which are classified as "rare". Finally there are five dogs, (two resident and three visiting) three cats, and some tropical fish!

Woodlands (largely coniferous) adjoin the farm and we have a 1.5km long woodland walk close by whilst other walks and nature-spotting points are planned in three other local woods for those interested in observing and photographing nature.

The farm featured earlier in 2010 in the first series of ITV's popular television docu-soap programme entitled, 'The Lakes', which was created to encourage visitors to Cumbria and the Lake District and follows the lives of various local characters, including our very own Thomas and Lynn. If you saw any of the show then you may remember one focal point being Thomas getting bowled over by a large Dartmoor ram as he struggled to load it into a trailer ready for auction. It made for hilarious viewing and just as it looked as though he'd never live it down.....a second series was made the following year! Both series are regularly repeated and transmitted around the globe!

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