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What's been on at Ewe Close Farm...

Open Farm Sunday: 13th June 11am - 6pm

This was the third year Ewe Close took part in this national event organised by LEAF (Linking the Environment and Farming). In spite of the dreadful weather and possibly the rainiest day for months, the day was not a total washout and with almost 200 visitors we did our best to provide all the normal farm activities as well as the special ones which were specifically arranged for that one day.

Tractor and trailer rides went ahead as planned as people braved the winds to go on a tour around the farm's fields. Elsewhere, groups of friends and families kept the Nature Detective Andrew Mottram busy as he guided people around our woodland walk and pointed out birds, mammals, insects and plants and a few types of poo that we wouldn't necessarily have spotted without him.

The tea room did steady business all day as people had a rest indoors and sheltered from the weather outside, and the juicy hog roast was stripped to the bone by the end of the afternoon as people enjoyed the delicious pork and apple sauce sandwiches provided by local chef Alan Skivington and his team.

The rain didn't dampen the mini hound trails as the young dogs battled it out for first place with the winner finishing the route in just over 7 minutes much to the delight of his owner.

An ITV film crew were here all day and filmed the various activities for the second series of their series 'The Lakes' which will broadcast early 2011. Ewe Close Farm featured in the first series and many people remember our very own Farmer Tom being bowled over by a sheep as one of the most poignant moments of the series. Thomas "The Gladiator" Noblett was another star of series during which he swum the English Channel for charity. He was back in the water on Open Farm Sunday as he bravely took to our duck pond and swum its murky length dressed as a Roman gladiator.

Whatever the weather our animals are always pleased to see lots of new faces on the farm and they love the attention they get on events such as Open Farm Sunday. Even so, lets hope that next year the sun will be out in all its glory and the day will be even better!

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