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A Picture Paints a Thousand Words...


She's quite a nuisance but she's part of the Ewe Close family so she's here to stay.

Meet Pesky Pandora, our Cheeky Goat Kid - 5th July 2010


Normally docile creatures, these goats became very energetic during thir first trip outdoors this year...

Goats on the Loose - 15th June 2010


A Dexter loses her calf but there is another calf who doesn't have a mother...

Matching up a Mother and Baby - 25th May 2010


Two beautiful Highland cows have two beautiful Highland babies

Highlanders and their Offspring - 25th May 2010


Our brilliant Tamworth sow Priscilla has just given birth to 11 strong and healthy piglets

Priscilla Gives Birth at Last - 8th May 2010


Whilst still growing, bulls that are not destined to be breeding stock are visited by the vet

Castrating Young Bulls - 5th May 2010


Boys will be boys and the stakes are high!

Cockerel Duel - 6th April 2010


Four times a day our noisy babies need feeding! They make a big racket to let you know when it's their meal time again!

Hungry Lambs and Goat Kids - 5th April 2010


There's been something not quite right around the farm recently and until Herbert was home no-one realised that we were all just missing him!

Herbert Comes Home - 4th April 2010


It's lambing time here at Ewe Close and new babies are being born every day! See this little fella make his entrance into the world.

Newborn Masham Lamb - 25th March 2010


Ewe Close Farm on Tour... a sunny day at Silloth 'Greenfest' provided entertainment for hundreds of children and adults alike!

GREENFEST, Silloth - 17th August 2008


Dillon was born on 3rd June 2008. He is a very friendly chap and we are all thoroughly in love with our new baby...

Dillon is Adorable... Take a Look for Yourself! - 1st July 2008



Open Farm Sunday was a great sucess. Despite the wet weather we had lots of visitors all keen to have fun on the farm.

Here are some of the things we got up to...

OPEN FARM SUNDAY - 1st June 2008

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